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I can code well - Now what?

When I was in the early stage of my career, a question that always bothered me was — I can code well, but what is next? It took years of research and learning at work to figure out what those skills are(and the list is still incomplete).

We made a list of curated learning paths that helped us find great career opportunities — and do more than just coding.

It is a collection of curated learning paths to help developers learn skills to climb up their career path. The skills include more than just coding — things like documentation, collaboration, communication, engineering processes etc.

Tinyschool career paths

Project-based learning

You’ll also be able to finish a real-world project and get feedback from mentors. We believe learning is incomplete without practice.

Tinyschool project-based learning

And it’s all free to use.
Thanks! Hope it helps.

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