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15 Ways To Use Google Like A Pro

Googling is an Essential skill every web related person must have. In this guide i put together 15 ways to get better in Searching for content on the web

01. Google advanced search

Google advanced search is one of the best google feature, you can narrow your results down to region and when it was updated

Try out The:
  1. Google's advanced search for website and files
  2. Google's advanced search for images
  3. Google's advanced search for videos
  4. Google's advanced search for books

Google advanced search preview

Google advanced search preview

02. Finding Quick Definations

Google does a great job in finding answers to your search word or phrases, like what is css , but you can find the meaning of any word in google by adding Define at the begining of the word

Define Css

03. Perform Calculations

You can also perform calculations in google as well by entering any maths equation like so


04. Unit conversion

Google also performs unit conversion just by entering any unit conversion in the search box

200m to mm

100 dollers to naira

05. Searching for an exact image size

Very useful when working with logos and when you need an image of specific file size, just add imagesize:500x400 at the begining of a word or phrase

imagesize:500x400 spongeBob

Exact 500x400 spongebob image

Exact 500x400 spongebob image

06. Search Social Media

It is very easy to narrow a search to only social media in google, you can search only social media for a particular user or word in google by just adding @ at the begining of the word like


07. Search For Hashtags

You can also search for your favourite hashtags by just adding # at the begining of the hashtag


08. Search for Items with a specific prize

Finding items that falls withing your budget is one of the coolest thing i like in Google, this can be acheived by simply adding the $ to the begining of the price

Intro to python books $100

09. Exclude certain words from your search result

This is done by adding an - at the begining of the woed you want to exclude

Create a blog with only html -css

10. Searching for an exact match

You can search for an exact match of a word or phrase by puting the word or phrase in qoute

"What is Javascript"

11. Search within a range of numbers

This is extremely useful when you have a minimum and maximum budget, you can Search for items price that are sold for $40 t0 200$ by adding ... between two numbers

Javascript Cookbook $50...$100

12. Combining Search

Add OR between two search query to search for two items at at time. You can combine this with other search parameters to get more accurate search result, also notice that the "OR" is in uppercase

Javascript Cookbook $50...$100 OR Python offline guide $40

13. Search a particular site

You can search a specific site by adding site: at the begining of a site or domain

14. Search for a related site

Check similar sites is possible in google by adding related: at the begining of a site

15. Google cached version of a site

Can't find an article you once read on a site? you can always check the cache version of a site in google by adding cache at the begining of a site

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