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What is a Database(DB)?

This is the article if you want to understand in simple terms about Databases.

Database is a Collection of related information, For Example:

  • Todo List
  • Shopping list
  • Phone Book
  • Name of your 10 friends
  • Twitter User Base

Database can be stored in different ways, For Ex. :-

  • On a book
  • In a Computer
  • In your mind

In computing term, a database is an organized collection of data stored and accessed from a computer system.

What is Data?

In simple words, data can be facts related to any object in consideration. For example, your name, age, height, weight, etc. are some data related to you. A picture, image, file, pdf, etc. can also be considered data.

What is a Database Management System (DBMS)?

It is a special software program that helps users create and maintain a database.

  • Makes it easy to Handle Security
  • Interacts with software applications
  • Backups
  • manage large amount of Information
  • Import/export Data

Here is a Diagram showing how a website interact with Database Management System (DBMS) :
Twitter Database Diagram

There are two types of Databases :

Relational Database (SQL): Organize Data into one or more tables

  • Each table has rows and columns.
  • A unique key identifies each row.

Non-Relation Database (noSQL/ not just SQL): Organize Data can be anything but a traditional table

  • A key value is stored
  • Documents (Pdf,xml etc)
  • Graphs and flexible trees

What are Database Queries?

Queries are request made to DBMS for a specific information. For example, A google search is a query.

Follow me because in my next Article I will explain Tables & Keys in DBMS.

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