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How to fix M1 Mac issue with installing node versions

When working with frontend framework like Vue or React then most of the time we are required to work with different node versions depending on the projects we have. To easily manage different versions of node and easily switch between then our go to one is nvm.

Now, if you are using M1 Mac and have installed nvm then you might have faced an issue where using the command nvm install 14 is failed to install the desired node version (or any other version).

This can be bit daunting and you can solve this with following steps:

Install Rosetta

  • Install Rosetta 2 from the command line with:
softwareupdate --install-rosetta
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Enable Rosetta for iTerm

  • Go to applications and right-click on iTerm app
    right-click on iTerm app

  • Click the checkbox for Open using Rosetta
    Check box for  raw `Open using Rosetta` endraw

  • Now, re-open iTerm app

Install desired node version

  • Now, you should be able to install any desired version. For example to install node version 14 then we can use the following command:
nvm install 14
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This actually works, thanks