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Ibrahim Thanbir

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A 15 Year Old's Coding Journey


I am a code newbie who is 15 years old and currently is going to school, has started learning front-end development for just over 3 months now. I am currently learning HTML, CSS and Vue.Js on mainly Youtube. However, before I had learned JavaScript using Udemy, FreeCodeCamp and YouTube.


This challenge was mentioned by my sister, Suborna, and she has said that people from all over the world use a twitter hash (#100DaysOfCode). And she had mentioned that people use it to show what they code and what they learn in their day to day life. I was very interested because I saw my sisters husband, Foysal code, who does it as a full-time job.


Completing the 100DaysofCode challenge means you have to stay on track, meet people all types of experiences and receive help. At first, you will feel very hard to keep up, but then you realise, is that eventually, you will find people who are on the same boat as you. What I am mean by this is, you will find people who are going through exactly what you are going through which you can work together with and help each other out. A great example of this is my good friend, Irina. She is someone who is amazing at picking out errors and she is always there when you need her. I talk to her a lot, and she genuinely is one of the best people I have met online. I know every day that I can put my trust in her and I think that is what has kept me going alongside my sister.


I have to give a huge thanks to my sister. This would have never have happened without her. She is honestly the most supportive person I have met, and the amount of help she gives is impeccable. She lives in Italy, with her husband and she is also a CodeNewbie like myself. She has learned React Js and the other day she has got her first job as a code designer! When I heard this news I was astonished because the amount of effort she puts in is crazy. I couldn't have asked for a better sister.


For me, being consistent in what you do is extremely key. However, you can't always be consistent. This means if you need a break for a day or two, that would be fine because coding can be very exhausting. Additionally, when you are coding, I advise you not to do huge chunks of work like working on projects for hours. Instead, you can do bit of coding and still have the best coding journey. What I did do very small projects that took 20-30 mins every day and start understanding what the tutorial is showing. This allowed me to learn more and more each day without feeling overwhelmed.


For me, there was a variety of coding that I did. From reading books to watching tutorials to watching documentaries. This shows how flexible learning how to code is. You do not need to have one thing to do all the time when learning how to code. You can do a various amount of activities to make sure you are always having fun.


At first, I went over basic HTML and CSS from which I had learned way back in the day. Then slowly I had moved on to bigger things like working on projects and making new things using HTML and CSS. Getting crafty was probably the most overwhelming yet the most fun when coding. I had then moved on to basic JavaScipt (VanillaJs) and learnt some cool stuff there like event listener and function. I learnt Js using udemy which I think is an amazing website to go on for learning code. However, I had moved on and this is when I had decided to go on to Vue Js, where I spent most of this challenge learning. It is a framework for Js, which allows you to have a basic layout set out for you, and all ready for you to code in.


I loved Vue Js, I found it very simple and straight to the point. Working on Vue was incredibly fun because it taught me new things such as components, data functions, vue routers etc. Learning Vue was the best option for me and I think I learned it well.


I think when I come back to do this challenge I will be carrying on with Vue. But also I will be moving on to other front-end frameworks such as React because I have heard React Js is very popular. I want to also get some sort of internship to know how it feels like working in the programming industry. If not an internship then I wouldn't mind freelancing which also sounds extremely fun!

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