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Explore API

Today we will learn What is an API? And The purpose of API & CRUD Operations.

What's an API

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It’s a way to connect two applications for talking with each other. It helps you to embed content on your website from any website in a more efficient way. API is simple, flexible, and easier to use. The main purpose of the API is to create communication between two applications. API lets you call to send or receive information. The communication is done by JSON. We fetch data with API requests in applications. API request has 4 components. They are Endpoint, Header, Method & Data. After calling those individually we can build an API request.

CRUD Operations

CRUD Operations stands for Create, Read, Update & Delete operations. The fours basics and important methods in database operations. The purpose of CRUD operations is to modify the data in an application. Let’s explore CRUD Operations:

  • GET - GET method allows you to get information from the source/database.
  • POST - POST method allows you to add some information to the source/database.
  • PUT - PUT method allows you to update the existing information to the source/database.
  • DELETE - DELETE method allows you to delete existing information from the source/database.


JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It’s used to represent data on the server. It’s easy to read for humans and computers. Let’s see an example:
JSON Example Code

Types of API

There are three types of API:

  • Open API - Open API means an API that is free to use and everyone can use it.
  • Partner API - Partner API means an API that makes a connection between the server and the clients.
  • Private API - Private API means a secure API that can only be used for internal uses like payments.

API is a powerful tool for making connections between client and server applications. API provides more benefits like security, speed, & scalability for eCommerce applications. API helps developers send data to clients and is used every day in today’s world.

Thank you for reading this!

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Lukas Gaucas

If this would include top level sentence with a note that it's a live document or something like that & you may upload with additional information , then yes , in my opinion, that would be legit, otherwise I just recommend you to make this more like glossary whereas your headline would sound such as Network glossary or something relevant , if you get my point, because I spared a moment to view this & had to spare one more to give a decent suggestion you should be appreciated for as this is least informative to say "Learn about API" . Personally , I've eyeballed rather than read something . No hard feelings , I am trying to help you be a better writer 👌

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Iftakher Hossen

Thanks for your suggestions! I will update the name soon. Actually, I need the post link for a reason that's why I publish this before completing it. I invite you to read now and help me to grow up.

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Lukas Gaucas

Thank you .