How do you exercise? 💪

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As coders, I am curious to see what you all's exercise regime looks like.

It would be awesome to hear:

  1. What workouts do you do?
  2. How many days each week and how many hours a day do you exercise?
  3. Bonus: (if you have one) do you have fitness inspiration(s)?


  1. I do bodyweight workout at home because I don't have time to visit commercial gym. My only equipment is a pull-up bar. I do variations of pushups, pull-ups, squats, and different core exercises.

  2. I do 6 days a week. I take a break 1 day each week (Sunday) for recovery where I would do light stretching. I do half workout in the morning before work and another half in the evening after work.

  3. I have several:

    • Herschel Walker. He was the reason I started calisthenics. This guy is just very good doing everything physical: football, bobsleigh, martial arts, he's done them all. He's famous for doing 2000-3000 pushups every day. 💪
    • Many super-athletes from instagram. They are too numerous to list here. I like following street-workouts and circus performers.

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I go to the gym a few times a week and lift weights. I do a full body workout because that is what works for me and keeps me from getting bored. I probably should do cardio more but alas. My goals are pretty simple: general health and strength. If I could choose one exercise it would be the deadlift since it uses the majority of your body at once. Every now and then I'll also put in some boxing exercises.


Deadlift is great. One of the best compound exercises ever!

I heard you can get away doing nothing but deadlifts, squats, and benches.


Yeah there are lots of ways to be healthy. In general if you can run a mile (1.6 KM) without stopping, do 5 pull ups, and 20 push ups you are doing ok in general fitness. These are somewhat arbitrary values but to me they are a nice starting point for the vast majority of people.


What workouts do you do?

  • Run, not a lot, I mostly do 3K runs.
  • High intensity interval training, there are plenty of videos on YouTube.

How many days each week and how many hours a day do you exercise?

  • Everyday 30 - 45 mins.

Bonus: (if you have one) do you have fitness inspiration(s)?

  • Compete with friends on Apple Activity app. Keeps me pumped 😄

I do 4-5 classes a week at my local Orangetheory fitness. I try to go Saturday and Sunday and then a few days during the week. The classes are a focused hour of effort and I like working out in a group. Keeps me sharp and feeling good.


Nice! I heard about orange theory first time 2 years ago. In your opinion, how are they different from CrossFit?


From what I hear, less intense, broader range of levels of fitness.


I go a to a local gym thats close to my office. I try to get in there 4 to 5 days a week. The gym I go to provides multiple classes throughout the day. I typically attend the noon class, but if that doesn't work out I go to the 5 PM class.

The workouts take an hour. There are typically three components to the workout (not including the warm up).

0. Warm up

  • We have a rotating warm up routine and then a section specific muscle stretching focused on muscles groups we used the previous day.

1. Movement

  • This is usually a combination of extended stretching or resistance work in order to active the muscles and joints that will be used later in the workout.

2. Strength

  • This section will be any of the following; Dead Lifts, Strict Press, Push Press, Back Squats, Front Squats

3. Cardio / Conditioning

  • This third section is usually a High Intensity workout that involves combinations of body weight, actual weights (kettle bells, dumb bells, straight bar, etc), jump ropes, bikes, runner or more.

Here is Today's Workout.

Today's Workout

My goals has been to lose weight, gain expanded movement of my body (bad knees), reduce chronic pain from hours of keyboard jockeying and to gain overall strength. I really like the gym I attend because they treat every member like they do their professional athletes they train and treat. Very personal and filled with encouragement.


Thanks for sharing! I liked how detailed it is - moreover the WOD is nice!! 👍 I (and hopefully others) can learn something from it.


I'm stretching time by time to prevent myself from going stiff.

Other than that, intensive table tennis once a week for 1.5 hours.


Haha nice. Good cardio! We have table tennis at work. Everyday it is almost always packed... and mildly smell like gym locker room...


Thank you for sharing yours, curious how other developers does it. My big goal this year is to be healthy. Improve my physical conditions. Done being a couch potato developer. lol


Agreed. It is hard when our job, by nature, is sedentary!