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Yoghaswara Nugroho
Yoghaswara Nugroho

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Botnet in good approach

Robot Network a.k.a Botnet

known as malcious ware due it work controlling massive amount of computation resources with a distrubance to system host and without consent from owner with it agents -- a Botnet part in your pc. Botnet using client-server tier, use client or agent in form a script or compiled code and server a web service.

Usually, a bad botnet serve malcious feature like spreading method , DDOS, even credential harvesting tool bundle at once with the agent. Nah , you said make botnet do goodness ? of course.

let changing the something on it, we change it to facilitate us to administrate or ease use computation resource in a bundle, like if botnet used by others to control you resource with harming act, why you not make you own botnet to control you resource with beneficial feature. Such a remote your pc to backup, track you phone when you forget it, or watering plant using arduino which integrated with your Botnet server. In a browser , make great task simple.

this maybe done like system administrator with no data centers. just your home and you IoT.


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