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Welcome to the iiviiGames Devlog!

Hello! My name is Vee, the one and only employee of iiviiGames.

While I work out the kinks in my website, I'm going to start posting a series of tutorials I've been writing for years on here.

See, to understand a topic better, I often write myself a tutorial.

That may sound bizarre, but when you don't have the money for school, and find the nature of a student/teacher relationship very helpful, you fill in that blank yourself.

What are these tutorials about?

Well, they're about a lot of things. Mainly game development, but some are about general concepts in programming, like object-oriented, classes, inheritance, and a bunch of language specific quirks to different engines and paradigms.

Let's talk Language

I'm going to teach you a lot about GameMaker Studio, Pico-8, and Love2D.

I'm also going to teach you a lot about Python and Javascript, as well as a handful of weirder or lesser known frameworks like Ink, Twine, and Amulet.

When do we start?

NOW! Check back often to find something new and I'm sure you'll learn a thing or two!

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