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Making Sites Because I Can't Stop Buying Domains

Now, don't leave when I show it to you, just read on - but today, I came across this awesome post.


The guy asked for people to submit domain names they own that they just aren't doing anything with. I own about 100, so I gave him 3.

These were his recommendations.

  • - You take any image and turn it into one gigantic pixel. It is useful for finding the average colour in an image. It has a second mode where users can decide how many colours they would like extracting from the image (2 to 100) and it then creates a palette for them based on colour frequency.
  • - you play with ancient and dead (or nearly dead) programming languages to see what you can create and learn from them. It is a play on "DoDo" being extinct so is pronounced "Dev Doh".
  • - a bot scours twitter looking for people who use the words "fight me bro" or "come at me bro". At that point it invites all the people in that conversation to a fighting game. Like Street Fighter but every attack is an insult. At the end of the fight someone is crowned the winner and then you remind them that it is only the internet and there is no need to be salty.

What a wonderful, creative individual we have.

I retorted with my own ideas that I had.

Well, looks like I've got my work cut out for me.
I think I'll tackle these (or a variation on them) in a series of posts right here on!

As for what I had planned:

  • - A site similar to the SCP wiki where users create an entry in the database using a built in sprite editor, write up an entry and boom. Pixel horror.

  • - I read this as "Dev Dome", and it would be a place for me to write my bloggings about programming.

  • - This was going to be a big one where I troll the big game databases, and when a visitor comes to the site they are presented with a "VS" screen.

    • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night VS Super Mario 64.
    • Whoever wins the bout gains a point, and a ranking board starts to form.

Our ideas aren't incompatible. Especially If you wanna help make any, get in touch!


Together, with powers combined, I think I can pull something awesome out of some or all of these ideas.

The Next Steps

This is the first post in a series of what will become a journey of website development just for the fun of it. I want to teach those who want to learn more, including myself, and so - we will venture together on this journey.

Creating for creation's sake.

Let me know what you think we should start with, or if you have any ideas that can help improve what we've brainstormed so far!

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