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Ijeoma Oguegbu
Ijeoma Oguegbu

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Bit, Bit Manipulation and Bitwise Operations — Codility

Preparing for an interview led me to my first Codility test. In preparation for the test, I had to refresh my knowledge of data structures and algorithms. The first lesson on Codility discusses Iterations and the first exercise, classified as “painless” (really), is a question to find the longest Binary Gap in a positive integer.

The first attempt, I got a 66% score, which to me is poor, and also my algorithm failed some of the other tests, shown later in the final results. In conclusion, this test kicked my ass, and it was supposed to be ‘easy’.

Like any curious programmer, I snapped out of it and decided to start publishing my thought-process through my attempts at making sense of data structures, algorithms, and basically all things programming. The result was phenomenal.

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Read about all of it on Medium.

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