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Daniele Dellafiore
Daniele Dellafiore

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Open source Pocket CLI

Hi everyone.

In my first post on ever, I want to push to your attention my last effort: a new Pocket CLI

Is an open source, interactive terminal app for Pocket, a famous "read it later" kind of app, acquired by Mozilla did buy in 2017 and now defaults in Firefox, with a plugin for Chrome and apps for mobile devices and e-readers.

While adding articles and reading is far more comfortable from the browser or mobile devices, some tasks are easier to get done from a CLI, like some kind of searches, organizing, cleanup.

The app now supports standard functionalities like search, open articles in the browser, archive/delete/favorite articles. All in a colored and interactive CLI that should work on all OS. But is just launched, so please give me feedback for bugs and improvements.

It is written in Javascript and run in Node.js of course. It uses last Javascript features so works on Node 11+.

Is open source on GitHub. Check it, clone it, star it, give me a [feedback on Twitter(


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Dave Parr

That sounds neat. I'll check it out.

I actually found this article because I was trying to find an integration to add posts to pocket when I hit the 'bookmark' emoji. Think your tool might be able to help with that? is opensource, so you could maybe submit a pr to the repo to integrate you tool with thiers?

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Daniele Dellafiore


Pocket CLI is just a terminal app, so it can't help for that use case.

That said, when I am on the Web I normally use the "share with pocket" feature wither on desktp or on mobile. What is the process you have in mind? I can't figure out what is the 'bookmark emoji' you are referring to.