What chair do you use for coding?

iliashaddad3 profile image Ilias Haddad ・1 min read

I was coding on an uncomfortable chair for a while and I'm planning to buy a new comfortable chair for long sitting and coding


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Sorry for offtop but you said you're planning to buy a new comfortable chair for long sitting. It's important to have a comfortable chair indeed but it's a way more important not to sit too long and to do some exercises during the workday.


Yes, I totally agree with you but you need to have a comfortable chair for long sitting first and do some exercises during the day


I'm using the SecretLab Titan. It took 3 months to get to me but i never had any problems with it.


same, I use secretlab titan as well! and It's the best


Thank you. Added to my list


Already on my list for my next chair. Especially if I am still working from home. Do you have the leather, PU leather, or cloth one?


I think more important than a particular model is how you can adjust the chair to your body. There are a couple of things I check when choosing a chair:

  • can I adjust the height and depth? - I am a short person and some chairs are too deep, I can't bend my knees comfortably
  • does it have adjustable lumbar support? - again, that depends on your height, adjustable support makes it more universal
  • can I adjust armrests, at least in height and width, preferably also rotate them? - I sometimes find armrests too wide, I can't place my arms comfortably in order to type on my laptop, so that's important. Armrests can be described as 3D/4D, but the meaning of these terms is not very consistent (they can be adjusted in height, width, length and angle, but depending on a model, only 2 or 3 adjustments might be available)
  • mesh or upholstered? - that's a matter of preference; I choose upholstered seat (I find it more comfortable than mesh), but mesh backrest (limits sweating) - you should check what works for you.

I'm currently using FYC 235 - Ergo - 4, it might be only available in Netherlands though, not sure (fyc-furniture.com/bureaustoelen/fy...).

FWIW most of the "gaming" chairs have poor ergonomics. They look cool but they're not meant for office work. Not sure about the high-end ones, I used to have one that costed like 200EUR and I sold it after a few months.


Thank you so much for these helpful details


I use secretlab gaming chair! and I love it!