Custom Applicaion Framework Necessary for Large Team and Large System?

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Someone may argue that application applications may not necessary as it would block the creativity and productivity somehow.

I think it is a most for a big team and system. It can be something to guide your users and developers.

What is your opinion on a framework.

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You have to be more specific, this is how most of the big frameworks were born and then made open source, like Kuberenetes, Spinnaker and others.
So building your own framework for custom needs is ok, but first check if other frameworks can satifies some of your needs. If so wrap them around your custom code, so you do not depend on them, but you can deliver the first version faster.

Last example I saw was the Shopify teamthat made their own deployment/services tool, but they also used many smaller OS tools where made sense.


Just for the application in order to make the developer follow same structure, coding standards, flow behaviour, auto some task (code generation)


That does not sounds like a framework, those jobs can be applied at IDE level, CI/CD pipelines.

Maybe something missing. Reusable Component such as record locking mechanism, report printing, form validation, grid table, pop up window, error handling, notification.

All of reusable component that could be used.

Also, base class that developer can be extended. They just need to focus business logic instead of whole work.

I think I understand now, yes so ..

If the code is split into modules, libraries and such, as reusable components, the "framework" will naturally evolve over time, if the code is shared between teams/products.

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