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How would you manage a system which the original author have left your team?

You may be assigned to manage a system. Unfortunately, the original author of your system have left your team.

How could you manage your system such enhancement, bug fixing, etc?

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Adrian B.G.

You start with what is lacking, this way you will get to know the system and fix its mistakes:

  • documentation - if is missing start writing one
  • tests - if they miss start writing those

To do these you have to talk to other team members that are familiar with it and its clients, and of course read its code. After these you will have the "courage" to change the code.

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Zuodian Hu

May be useful to start exploring failure cases in a controlled environment too, if that's possible. Adrian's suggestions are great first steps towards preventing turnover from becoming a problem in the future.

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documentation is king. haha.

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Kim Arnett 

Jump right in! Start fixing bugs and learn how the ins and outs are working.

It’s be like starting a new job. And knowing this was a failing point in the past, don’t let it be a failing point in the future. Ie: more then one person should know what’s going on and there should be some documentation.