I made an Emoji Maker using React (DOM) and SVG πŸ€“

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This weekend, I wanted to make something creative so I made an Emoji Maker using React, ReactDOM, and SVG. I built it with Gatsby too, which allowed me to make a Progressive Web App in no time 😁.

Emoji Maker demo by Jamstack Studio

Contrary to other bots or (deprecated) emoji generators, this one can generate an SVG version, which is really helpful in case you want to include it in another design or you want to customize it even further.

Download emoji demo

Some features, such as changing the position of elements and changing their colors, are still missing. However, they are mostly complete and I just need to add a UI component 😊.

Check out the app at https://jamstack.studio/emoji

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This is really nice! Thanks for sharing ☺️. Incidentally, I just began working with React this week.

Edit: just wanted to add that the randomizer is the best part.


very nice bro ; good job
but there is some bugs in select eyes and ayebrow
but its awesome :))))


Very nice work and nice start!

Be careful, some elements must be exclusive from others. :)

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