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Introducing Odesey: Personal Journal

Hello everyone

I am planning to document my progress for the Atlas hackathon. In this post , I will be going over the application which I will be building.

Ideation 🚀

I am going to be building Odesey a personal journal application using FastAPI, MongoDB and Next.js.

Basic MVP and flow 🎉

The basic flow of the application is

  1. User logs into the site.
  2. If no journal is present , they should be able to add it with help of the editor.
  3. Once saved, it will redirect them to the dashboard where they will be open the journal.
  4. User will also have the ability to update or delete their journal.

Since the whole journal concept is focused on privacy , I am going to try and see if I can encrypt the content which is stored in DB and decrypt it to show them to the user.

Once I complete the basic functionality of the application. Below are some exciting features planned for Odesey.

  1. Sending a reminder to write 500 words daily.
  2. Badges when you achieve a milestone.
  3. Ability to save your journal to Notion and also share it with your friends 🤞.

Next steps 🪜

Full disclosure, I know python but I have not developed a API using it. So I am going to use this opportunity to learn how to build one , document them here in the form of a blog and also the learnings involved while building the Odesey.

Thank you for sticking around. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. See you in the next blog of the series.

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Pratik sharma

Best of luck man.

imkarthikeyan profile image

Thanks man 🤞

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Sidharth Sreejil

Sounds Interesting. Good luck man!

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Thomas Bnt • Edited

Good luck! 🍀

hummingbird profile image

The notion integration would be cool!