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To Fear, procrastination and greed to read more

To Fear, procrastination, greed for more reading which doesn't leave time to do any doing.

I have been noticing you all in me from long time. I didn't give much thought to you all. I didn't kick you out of my life. I didn't give you a conscious thought. I didn't drive you away.

But I did make plans, both tiny and grand, some for tomorrow, some for upcoming month. Those plans seldom turned into fruition. It was all your fault and in that way mine.

Now, you guys have my conscious attention. Fear, you won't be able to stop me for ever. Your love is not what I need, fear. I will from now on choose to ignore you from time to time. Procrastination, you always told me I have enough time. Who is responsible for all my wasted time and false optimism.

Why am I greedy to learn,read more and more? What is the use of this knowledge when I can't use it. Stop this greed. Please let me use my knowledge.

I knew I had to fight you all one day. I knew. But knowing was never enough. Doing is what I need. Anti fear, anti procrastination and all anti negative part of me, help me please.

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Bob van Hoove

To get over the hurdle of starting something, one thing that has helped me is setting out a mini goal: 30 minutes max, clearly defined.

It doesnt't matter if it takes you a couple of tries. Once you have that little achievement you'll be hungry for more :)

Not sure if I should add this: If you feel under pressure to 'do more' you might want to take a step back. AFK-time is fine and sometimes a better setting to really think something through.

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That is a wonderful advice I would like to emulate. Thank you.