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How I Bumped into Web Development and How You Can Start too.

Flash Back (2 years):

My 11th standard exams were over it was summer break . I was already doing competitive programming in few portals like Codechef and Codeforces . But, I was not getting the joy of making things . One fine day i researched on internet about how to make apps and websites and the amount of resources popped up was overwhelming and confusing. Finally landed on the youtube channel of Traversy Media and the first video i watched was HTML crash course for beginners . This is the perfect video if you want to start out web development,this will clear all your basics . Later on the next course which was very popular and recommend was coursera’s Web design for everybody. It took me around a week or so get the basics done. And i finally started to work on my first web game it was Rock, Paper and Scissors and even you should start to build something rather than to watch and go through the whole tutorial (I still haven’t completed the whole course).

Alt Text

This ugly looking thing which at that point of time was so cool to me took around 5 days to build which is too much as i look now. Even you guys will stumble around some really stupid bugs or syntax errors and will not find way out but just be persistent and accept this is the learning curve .

Present :

Around two years have passed now still in love with JS (Javascript) and have built few front-end and full stack web apps around it. Hopefully, many more to come.

Few good resource’s for beginners to start :


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