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7 Most Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them

imvtank profile image Vivek Tank ・3 min read

In this post, I'm going to share with you techniques to solve WordPress's common problems.

As we all know, WordPress, Joomla & Drupal are the most popular CMS platforms.

But do you know which one is the best..?

As per the research, WordPress is the most popular CMS platform with over 60% market share. As compared to other CMS platforms, it's relatively easy to use, SEO friendly & provides security too.

Still, sometimes website owners & admins encounter various WordPress problems. These problems may remove their website from Google.

For a short term solution, a freelancer might be the best option, but for the long term solution, just tap on a professional web development agency as they offer outstanding maintenance and support.

Let's discuss common WordPress problems in detail and how an experienced web development company fixes those problems.

1) Customise Login URL

When you sign up for WordPress 1st time, create a default URL ("/wp-admin"). The hackers may take advantage of that.

In other words, hackers may enter your website through SQL injection (hacking technique). To overcome this issue, create your customised login URL.

Now, a well-trained website developer comes in. He/she will help you to create a customised URL for your login portal.

2) Forgetting or losing WordPress website passwords

Forgetting a WordPress website password may create a hassle.

On WordPress, it's not easy to reset your password. One should follow the standard procedure to get back their website access.

The standard process of an experienced web developer is to reset your password for you and then configure the settings.

So, you don't have to look for any web developer to reset your password.

3) Upgrade WordPress version

For a better result, the software often comes up with new updates. Like other software, WordPress is always coming up with new updates to surpass the experience of security, functionality, etc.

It observed that one could run the website smoothly by upgrading to the latest version. However, that can lead to bug or incompatibility issues.

Professional web development companies always look after these kinds of things and also make sure your website performs at its best.

4) Remove Virus like Malware

According to Wordfence, "There are more than 90,000 attacks on WordPress websites." Among this, all attacks of one of the general types are malware or malicious software.

To avoid this virus attack, website owners must take the necessary steps. Some of them install antivirus & malware scanners to secure their website. Still, nobody gives a 100% guarantee of protection.

Skilled web development agencies provide you power pack solutions for web security. First their developers scan the website thoroughly and upgrade the entire website to safeguard it and prevent malware from returning.

5) Website responses slow

Imagine visitors enter your website. Your website takes too much time to serve the content.

Do you think those visitors will wait more than 4 or 5 seconds..?

No right.

Even if you are providing the best online services, they won't return to your website because of the loading speed issue. Therefore, it's vital to work on it more precisely.

There are various reasons why a website could run slow like poor quality hosting, non-optimized photos, and subpar coding.

With the help of a well-experienced web development company, you can overcome these obstacles. Their team will guide you about all the necessary steps to bring your website speed up.

Additionally, their team will also look after common on-site SEO issues to improve website ranking.

6) Updating content

This one is the fastest way to rank up your website. However, it takes too much time in the analysis & updates the content.

You have to check all your pages like products, services, news, or blogs page content.

It's quite difficult for business owners to check all the content in detail and update it one by one.

Many reputed web development companies provide web copywriting services. Sign up for this service.

Their professional web copywriters help you to update your content. So, your website is always accurate and up to date.

7) Revamping the website

Sometimes if you observe your website give a slow response and begin to lose their aesthetic appeal. When this happens, it's time for a total revamping.

It's also necessary to maintain your SEO ranking after redesigning your website. A new server, fresh designs, a clean slate without malware and more breathe new life into your website and provide it with the necessary tools to perform at its best.


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