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Top 5 Visual studio extensions for Web Developers

  1. GitLens

This Extension Supercharges the existing Git capabilities built into the Visual Studio Code. It can help you visualize and monitor code authorship/changes with the Git Blame annotations and code.lens. The possibilities of navigating and managing the repositories while gaining insights help developers gain the upper edge in terms of work efficiency.

2. Color Highlight

using color codes in JS/HTML/JSX ? Get this extension to get color preview in the code segments.

3. CSSPeek

Quick peek into the style sheet by clicking on the class name !.

4. TurboConsoleLog

Adds up an easier log output message for debugging operations. No more manual console.log

5. Prettier

Saves a lot of developer time and eases git-diff monitoring. Integrating to code consoles and supporting multiple languages this is a definitive got to add-on for a VS developer.

Other tools such as the ESLint are also an indispensable part of the list.

Let me know on the comments if you feel any other major extension have been missed out.

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