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How does work?

instinct profile image Instinct ・1 min read

I came across this awesome app 😎
It converts text to handwriting. ✍🏾
Every instance of the letter you type is different. 😮
I wonder how the developers made this cool app. 🤔
You can test it for yourself 👉🏾 here


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Sriram R

I think a very simple solution ( not at all optimised, but a decent starting point ) is to store a vector image mapping of each alphabet with each user name. Then you can loop through each alphabet in the input and draw the respective alphabet in a canvas element.

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Instinct Author

I like your solution.
Can you tell me how they are randomizing each instance of the letter?

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Instinct Author

I think nobody is maintaining this app now.
What I don't like about is that it has watermark on its generated images.
If somebody 😇 could tell me how they are generating such text and font, I would be very grateful to them.