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Akshay Shinde
Akshay Shinde

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Noobie experience of the hacktoberfest

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

I am new to the open source community... i didn't learn complex algorithms or something like that from the hacktoberfest but what i did learn was to use github and create a pull request.... and i think thats what's important for new comers like me who want to make more great contributions in open source

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Pavan Chilukuri • Edited

Of course! Great job on that. Feel free to contribute to my repo css-snippets if you are interested.

GitHub logo chilupa / css-snippets

A one stop place for all the css snippets that you are looking for.

CSS Snippets 🔥

A one stop place for all the CSS Snippets that you are looking for.

Please refer to Contribution Guidelines before creating Pull requests. And lastly, don't hesitate. Feel free to shoot me questions 😄