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Best Cloud Functions services to use in 2020

Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions is a serverless execution environment for building and connecting cloud services. With Cloud Functions, you write simple, single-purpose functions that are attached to events emitted from your cloud infrastructure and services.
The beating heart of Serverless! Run those functions in the cloud.

AWS Lambda Logo

AWS Lambda

The original cloud functions provider, and probably the biggest. Many other services use AWS Lambda under the hood, for example, Netlify Functions are Lambdas.

Explore more than 60 products and start building on AWS using the free tier. Three different types of free offers are available depending on the product used.

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Apex Cloud Functions Logo


Apex lets you build, deploy, and manage AWS Lambda functions with ease. With Apex you can use languages that are not natively supported by AWS Lambda, such as Golang, through the use of a Node.js shim injected into the build. A variety of workflow related tooling is provided for testing functions, rolling back deploys, viewing metrics, tailing logs, hooking into the build system, and more.


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Architect Cloud Function services Logo


Declaratively define next-generation cloud infra with plain text. Build database-backed web apps rapidly. Execute long-running background tasks (15min), queues, and scheduled jobs.

All open source.

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Azure Functions Cloud Function service logo

Azure Functions

Develop more efficiently with Functions, an event-driven serverless compute platform that can also solve complex orchestration problems. Build and debug locally without additional setup, deploy and operate at scale in the cloud, and integrate services using triggers and bindings.

Paid Plan

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Claudia Cloud Function service logo


Claudia isn't a cloud functions provider, it's a Node.js library to help deploy Node functions to AWS Lambda.

Open-source Community

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Cloudfare Workers Cloud Function service logo

Cloudfare Workers

Build serverless applications on Cloudflare's global cloud network of data centers in over 180 cities across 80 countries. Cloudflare Workers provides a lightweight JavaScript execution environment that allows developers to augment existing applications or create entirely new ones without configuring or maintaining infrastructure.

Open-source community

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Functional Fleet Cloud Function service logo

Functional Fleet

The All-in-one Serverless Platform connected to the power of AWS Lamda. Automated scaling at one place.

Forever Free Deploys, For Monitoring starting from $14 / month (beta)

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Google Cloud Functions Cloud Function service logo

Google Cloud Functions

Event-driven serverless compute platform. There is a web-based console to create them or a gcloud command-line tool.

Paid Plan

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HubSpot CMS Hub Cloud Function service logo

HubSpot CMS Hub

Serverless functions on CMS Hub allows developers to easily build powerful web applications by deploying Node.js functions to an endpoint exposed on your website domain. The serverless functions are co-located with the rest of your developer file system and allow configuration of request methods, secrets, environmental variables, and more.

Open Source

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IBM Cloud Functions Cloud Function service logo

IBM Cloud Functions

Run your application code without servers, scale it automatically, and pay nothing when it's not in use.

Develop for free, no credit card required - Apps, AI, analytics, and more. Build with 40+ Lite plan services at no cost to you - ever.

Access the full catalog at your fingertips - Upgrade your account and unlock 190+ unique offerings, plus get a $200 credit to use with any offer you want.

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Netlify Cloud Function service logo


Netlify lets you deploy Lambda functions without an AWS account, and with function, management handled directly within Netlify.

Your functions are version-controlled, built, and deployed along with the rest of your Netlify site, and we will automatically handle service discovery through our built-in API gateway. This eliminates overhead and brings the power of Deploy Previews and rollbacks to your functions.

Paid Plan

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Nuweba Cloud Function service logo


Nuweba is an ultra-fast and highly-secure FaaS Platform. Nuweba rearchitected serverless from the kernel up to enable companies to use serverless for applications that require scalability, high performance, advanced application security, and deep visibility in real-time. Nuweba is compatible with leading serverless platforms, so you can start using Nuweba with only one click and without any changes to your code or configuration.


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Realm Functions Cloud Function service logo

Realm Functions

Realm Functions is for adding server-side logic to your app through a web interface. The Realm Platform is a combination of noSQL based server and client components connected via a fast and efficient sync protocol to enable real-time, connected apps and services that are responsive and performance irrespective of network status.

Open Source

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Serverless Framework Cloud Function service logo

Serverless Framework

Cloud functions are at the heart of building things in a serverless fashion. The serverless framework is for helping build those. While it isn't an infrastructure provider itself, it helps you deploy to any of the major providers, which is mighty helpful. It also has a method for running the functions locally, which is very useful for development and testing.

For Free - Enable monitoring, debugging, CI/CD, secrets & more for your serverless apps, for free!

Starting from $99/month - Ideal for teams bringing serverless apps into production and scaling them. Includes all free features plus.

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StackPath Cloud Function service logo


Deploy and execute your serverless functions in 45+ edge locations to accelerate app performance. Serverless Scripting, you write it. We run it. Right where users first reach the Internet.

Paid Plan

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StdLib Cloud Function service logo


StdLib is based on Function as a Service ("server-less") architecture, popularized by AWS Lambda. You can use StdLib to build modular, scalable APIs for yourself and other developers in minutes without having to manage servers, gateways, domains, write documentation or build SDKs. They also offer an online code editor for working with APIs.

For Free - Build and Prototype

Starting from $15/month for Professional - Power Users

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Webtask Cloud Function service logo


An in-browser editor for creating and testing cloud functions. They have some learning curriculum to get you up to speed with cloud functions.

It used to be a kind of elaborate demonstration of how you could build user-managed cloud functions into your own app via Auth0 Extend, but Auth0 discontinued that product. I'd be a little wary about the future of Webtask, but it sure makes a nice quick way to spin up a cloud function.

Open Source

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ZEIT Cloud Function service logo

ZEIT - Vercel

Zeit Now is interesting in that deployment through it will turn any code it finds that is appropriate into a cloud function you can run. The docs linked to here show that PHP files can be run like that, as well as Node.js, Go, Python, Rust, and Bash.

Vercel is a cloud platform for static sites and Serverless Functions that fits perfectly with your workflow. It enables developers to host Jamstack websites and web services that deploy instantly, scale automatically, and requires no supervision, all with no configuration.

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Serverless CSS Tricks

I am just trying to put the collection of awesome services that will be very helpful for creating an application in a quick time.

I hope you've found this blog very helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions and leave me a comment if you have any problems or questions.

Till then,

Keep on Hacking, Cheers

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Excellent Article Nirazan! One note, if your company has a MSDN license, then Azure offers $150.00 credit each month to all developers under that license. It's a nice way to ease into learning about Azure.

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Awsome article, please do one on storage solutions like blackblaze b2

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