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Hi! I'm David, although i love to go by the name ioedeveloper (internet of everything developer).
I think i am in love with python, she's easy to understand, saves me a load of work and just gives me that feeling...i think its TRUE LOVE.
I like to flirt with angularjs and nodejs (shhh...python must not know about this), they make me realise how awesome i am and how much more i can achieve with less effort.
I had a thing with PHP for a while, but it just did not work out (it's personal).
I plan on getting to know react, they say she's pretty awesome and would make my life a whole lot better.
That's all you should know about me.
Thanks to @ogwurujohnson for introducing me to this platform.

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Funny intro 😊

So, are you and PHP still friends or...?


Well...we are still friends i guess, just not close friends.

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