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A guide to better client management for web pros

Being a web pro is quite a challenge on its own.

Between juggling multiple projects, countless new client requests, and ever-changing project requirements, finding time for client management is tough.

On top, managing multiple hosting packages is part of your everyday business. Back when you started with your first projects, this might have been easy to handle. But with every new client or project you have created many contracts in the meantime with multiple logins to a lot of different accounts, received tons of separate bills and had many individual customer care contacts, explaining your needs and problems again and again.

This sounds bad, but the good thing is: Some web hosts really feel you and have great tools available to make your life as a web pro easier.

Pro tip: Actively manage your client-owned hosting plans

If you want to be seen as a trusted partner, you should set up own hosting accounts and contracts for your clients. First of all it helps you to maintain transparency in front of your clients. Second, if any project issues arise, or you decide to part ways, your clients are always free to move on without facing any migration/contract transfer scenarios. This way, you can provide a real added value to your clients and make them feel secure.

Look out for a suitable web host with integrated client management

Gone are the days of managing your clients' passwords. Web hosts like GoDaddy or IONOS offer dedicated partner programs and tools for web pros in order to manage your clients accounts easily through one single dashboard. For example as part of the IONOS Agency Partner Program using their Connect & Control functionality, you'll get admin rights for any connected client using IONOS web hosting & cloud products. This helps you streamline your client management, making it easy to adapt clients' email, domain, or web hosting settings within seconds.

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From a personal support experience to key account management

Your web host should be more than just your provider for hosting services. Look out for a web host that works with you on eye level in every aspect.
Getting dedicated expert support during all phases of your project is a key element to make your life easier. This is where IONOS is really unique. From planning to optimization, we'll help you develop individual solutions to any questions you might have.

Once you manage a lot of connected clients and run a lot of projects and contracts you can become what we call an Agency Premium Partner. At that stage we support you with a dedicated account manager who helps you to develop your business further.

New Leads incoming - if you wish

New upcoming business opportunities are always welcomed when needed so make use of online directories and present yourself and your expertise to a large audience in order to generate new projects.

IONOS covers you here as well and you can create your partner profile in the Agency Partner Network easily to present your services and expertise to prospective clients. Pick up new projects and help entrepreneurs and businesses from diverse fields to reach their goals and to become online successfully. And it is an opportunity for you to get connected with other web pros and get help from the community if needed.

Wrap up

When looking for a hosting provider, don't only compare performance and security features.
Especially as a freelance web pro or agency, time is money. Check your hoster carefully and see what he can do for you to save you time and trouble while managing all your client contracts. Hosters that really care about professionals should view themselves as your extended workbench and should view you as a business partner on eye level.
Hopefully this short guide gave you some valuable insights on how you can focus on what’s really important for your business which are your projects and your clients. And that your web host should support you in being efficient when it comes to client management.

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