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Careers Week - WEEK 8

Kicking off the week with CV writing, portfolios, interview techniques and tech tests made the whole journey a little too real.

I still have unfinished business with the the API project from Backend so I took the opportunity to squeeze in 1-2-1 tutor time to get some issues ironed out too.

I've never made a portfolio before so it was as though I was trying to swim without armbands for the first time. Thanks to the big wide web, I got those armbands strapped on tight by downloading a template and worked with that. We were also offered a 121 session with the careers team.

I did however use WordPress to make a website once upon a time whilst running a a short lived fruit carving business. Sometimes a hobby, should stay a hobby.
It probably does need revamping as it was created over 5 years ago.

My porch was fully constructed too this week and embarrassingly, I caught myself looking at other people's door handles and exterior lights.

Overall, not a bad week. Next week is Frontend, watch this space...

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