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The Graphical Learning Technique | Learn things Faster

Introduction :

Hey there, welcome to my blog. Here, I discuss the various subjects and techniques to learn more efficiently. If you're interested in who am I and what I do check this out!

What is Graphical Learning Technique?

If you're in a software-related field you may know about the graphs. We're not talking about algebraic graphs. Here's how a graph looks like in the computer field.

Alt Text

Here, the numbers indicate the information. Our brain functions more like a graphical memory than just a simple structure like an array or list. All the information that we grasp gets connected with other information and makes complicated graphs. Graphs are mainly used for faster retrieval as well as storing things efficiently.

The graphical Learning technique is based on this principle. When we are reading some sort of textbook or a manual, we need to follow a certain path to learn faster. We can not read this stuff as we read the novel or a story because the things are new to us and we don't know the connection between them.

A simple path to follow :

  1. Just Go through the chapter without certain attention or reading anything (i.e. flip the pages calmly) It works like the assignment of memory as we do it in any program.

  2. Go to the quiz section of the chapter and see the questions. This will lead you to know what to learn and focus on (Just like providing a data-type to the brain)

  3. Read the topic and titles of that chapter. It works like declaring parent nodes to a graph so that we get an idea of what to store at which memory part.

  4. Read the first and last lines of each and every paragraph. It gives you the length or boundaries of the content

  5. Read the chapter thoroughly by taking notes.
    i.e. Insertion of the data in memory which we created.

Conclusion :

I hope you'll surely give it a try at least once and if you do so you do not need the feel of how it works. If you haven't visited my blog yet go and do visit at

Happy Coding !

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