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Ruby on Rails digest: 26 most popular repositories in June 2020

I’ve stopped making Rails digests since last year. But today, I’m officially coming back to my favorite monitoring. Please, welcome the most popular, most interesting, and useful Ruby on Rails repositories on GitHub.
Tnx to @drbragg for reminding me of Rails digest!

My mission here is to put together all the well-known or newly-made Ruby/Rails repositories on GitHub that were popular among developers this June.

Please meet the most popular and the most interesting Ruby/Rails repositories in June:

  1. Chatwoot is a customer support tool for instant messaging channels that can help businesses to provide customer support. 4,311 stars by now
  2. Octobox helps you manage your GitHub notifications efficiently so you can spend less time managing and more time getting things done. 3,946 stars by now
  3. redis-rb is a Ruby client library for Redis. 3,569 stars by now
  4. Ahoy is first-party analytics for Rails. Track visits and events in Ruby, JavaScript, and native apps. Data is stored in your database by default so you can easily combine it with other data. 3,021 stars by now
  5. Shoulda Matchers is a simple one-liner tests for common Rails functionality. It provides RSpec- and Minitest-compatible one-liners to test common Rails functionality that, if written by hand, would be much longer, more complex, and error-prone. 2,873 stars by now
  6. Foreman is a free open source project for automating repetitive tasks, deploying applications, and managing servers' life cycle, on-premises or in the cloud. 1,851 stars by now
  7. Coverband is a gem to measure production code usage, showing a counter for the number of times each line of code that is executed. It allows easy configuration to collect and report on production code usage. It reports in the background via a thread or can be used as Rack middleware, or manually configured to meet any need. 1,635 stars by now
  8. ValidatesTimeliness is a date and time validation plugin for ActiveModel and Rails. Supports multiple ORMs and allows custom date/time formats. 1,270 stars by now
  9. ActiveRecord SQL Server Adapter898 stars by now
  10. Ridgepole is a tool to manage DB schema. It defines DB schema using Rails DSL and updates DB schema according to DSL. 745 stars by now
  11. Capistrano::Rails — Official Ruby on Rails specific tasks for Capistrano. 741 stars by now
  12. ActiveType stands for making any Ruby object quack like ActiveRecord. 740 stars by now
  13. GitHub::DS is a collection of Ruby libraries for working with SQL on top of ActiveRecord’s connection. 557 stars by now
  14. childprocess is a cross-platform Ruby library for managing child processes.This gem aims at being a simple and reliable solution for controlling external programs running in the background on any Ruby / OS combination. 499 stars by now
  15. Autolab is a course management service, initially developed by a team of students at Carnegie Mellon University, that enables instructors to offer autograded programming assignments to their students over the Web. The two key ideas in Autolab are autograding, that is, programs evaluating other programs, and scoreboards. 468 stars by now
  16. Comma is a small CSV (i.e. comma-separated values) generation extension for Ruby objects, that lets you seamlessly define a CSV output format via a small DSL. 438 stars by now
  17. RuboCop Rails is a RuboCop extension focused on enforcing Rails best practices and coding conventions. 351 stars by now
  18. rails-k8s-demo is an easy Rails on Kubernetes approach for Digital Ocean and a classic Rails stack: Puma, Redis, Sidekiq, Postgres, Action Cable, Webpacker. 243 stars by now
  19. Amazing Print is a fork of AwesomePrint which became stale and should be used in its place to avoid conflicts. It is a Ruby library that pretty prints Ruby objects in full color exposing their internal structure with proper indentation. 231 stars by now
  20. ROXML is a module for binding Ruby classes to XML. It supports custom mapping and bidirectional marshalling between Ruby and XML using annotation-style class methods, via Nokogiri or LibXML. 205 stars by now
  21. Pallets repository is a simple workflow engine, written in Ruby. 185 stars by now
  22. Regexp::Parser is a Ruby gem for tokenizing, parsing, and transforming regular expressions. 88 stars by now
  23. fotr-activerecord is an easy way to use ActiveRecord “off the rails.” Works with Grape, Sinatra, plain old Rack, or even in a boring little script. 62 stars by now
  24. fruby-docker-skeleton repository contain a skeleton for creating an app that can run in both Docker, Podman and in the shell. 48 stars by now
  25. TestBench is a principled test framework for Ruby aiming to offer precisely what is needed to test well-designed code effectively and easily. 34 stars by now
  26. Puma::NewRelic is a repository for Puma stats sampler for New Relic. 28 stars by now

Hope you will find here some useful project that will help you in your work!

p.s. Have a repository to share with me? I’ll be happy to include it to my next Rails digest.

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simonini profile image

Happy to see again your digests!

iriskatastic profile image
Iren Korkishko

Thanks! I rethought some approaches in putting them in the list, so now all of them are connected on the base of criteria 'actively used this month', but put in the order by the number of stars received.

drbragg profile image
Drew Bragg

Woohoo! Pumped to see this back! Thanks for doing it. 🙂

iriskatastic profile image
Iren Korkishko

Thanks for demanding this digest back! :)

simonini profile image

Do you use or suggest some of these gems?

iriskatastic profile image
Iren Korkishko

I've heard about most of them earlier. What my team was working with in several of our projects was