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Built a full-stack web app in React + TypeScript + GraphQL + PostgreSQL

Hi there!

Probably some of you know about Codeforces. It is the website built for competitive programmers to let them practice their problem-solving skills.

I have built an app Laddy that shows problems for your Codeforces rating so you can solve them and improve throughout the time. This app is inspired by A2OJ which is retired by now.

Even though if you are not into competitive programming, you will be probably interested in the source code of Laddy which you can find on GitHub. It uses some cool technologies under the hood like TypeGraphQL, TypeORM, React + Typescript, Lerna for managing the monorepo, etc.

Any suggestions for code improvement are more than welcome!

If you want to register but do not have a Codeforces handle, just copy-paste mine - ironsoul (just for testing).

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