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Hey Beginner, Let Me Set Your Frontend Web Dev Path!

Hey there. If you're a complete beginner and you're overwhelmed by the amount of tech you need to learn to become a frontend developer, you're not alone.

So, let me pick a path for you and give you a simple explanation about the tech I'm gonna recommend.


The skeleton of websites, looks ugly though cause you can't style them.


Goes on top of HTML, with this your website looks cooler with colors and stuffs, but you can't make fancy calculators cause HTML and CSS aren't programming languages.

Vanilla/Plain JavaScript:

A programming language. Goes on top of HTML & CSS, providing interactivity to your website. With these 3 tech, you can make pretty cool apps like to-do list, tax calculator, etc.


React is a library to build UI made by Facebook. Angular is a framework (complete solution) made by Google. I recommend you to choose React over Angular cause it's much simpler and in every revision of React, you wouldn't see too much of breaking changes compared to the older version of your React app. Angular is cool too though and a little bit more powerful by default.

Material-UI/Bootstrap/Tailwind CSS:

These are design libraries. Do your research and pick the best one for you. These libraries take care of the design part and all you need to do is figure out how to pass the data to the components provided by these libraries.


At this point, you probably want to apply for your first job, so learn git, which is like a time machine for your codebase where you can see the older version of your code and the newer one and move back and forth, restore any version you want, etc. Another reason to learn git is because you might work with others on the same codebase, so git makes it easy for you guys to merge your codes together and do other cool stuffs.

You're a pretty good frontend developer now.

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