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DjangoStart New Release 1.0.4 🎊

This script saves time for you to start a new Django project. It creates the project and creates the first app and then updates the project settings file and also updates the project URLs file and then creates a views and configures the application URLs file and also creates the index.html


New Feature

  • -v, --virtualenv For create virtual environment by default name env
  • -n, --name To set custom name for virtualenv -v -n my_new_name

Chang Log

  • added help options
  • fixes bugs
  • refactor code
  • remove version check function
  • required add path to project django-start <project_name> <app_name> .
  • now for install django-start just type pip install django-start-automate


pip install django-start-automate
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django-start --help

usage: django-start [-h] [-v] [-n ] project_name app_name path

django-start 1.0.4 (Beta) automate start project and create app

positional arguments:
  project_name      Write a project name
  app_name          Write an app name
  path              select path

  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  -v, --virtualenv  Create virtualenv
  -n [], --name []  Set virtualenv name

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Success Install 🎊

Start First Project with virtualenv

django-start frist_project first_app -v -n my_virtualenv .
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You can run command without create virrualenv

django-start frist_project first_app .
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django start screen shoot
pypi project
django-start repo

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Andres 🐍 in πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

why not use a django template instead ?

islamkamel profile image
islam kamel

Use django-start to create your own template !