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IssueHunt Fest 2018: Make open source sustainable


What is IssueHunt Fest?

IssueHunt Fest is a month-long OSS sponsorship event that happens every year in April and December. IssueHunt Fest 2018 will be the first time commemorable event.

At the event, IssueHunt collects funds from sponsors and distribute the funds to OSS projects listed on IssueHunt.

Help us build sustainable open source community by participating IssueHunt Fest 2018!

Date and time of the event:

  • Starts: December 1, 2018
  • Ends: December 25, 2018

The economics of open source.

Open-source software is the essential infrastructure of the internet stack.

OSS consumes developers’ creativity and labor. Developers’ unpaid labor build OSS.

Before we build IssueHunt, we managed open-source software Boostnote, a note-taking app for developers. The project got over 11k+ Github stars in two years, and hundreds of developers contributed to our project.

Initially, we made IssueHunt as bounty program for Boostnote. The concept of IssueHunt worked very well where many issues resolved in a few days.

Our experience with Boostnote, made us realize issue based open-source bounty has the potential to improve the open-source ecosystem overall.

We think enthusiastic open source developers are not appropriately rewarded no matter how much they contribute to the technology evolution.
Many leading projects use open-source software, but no matter how they are essential, the owners of those projects juggle multiple jobs to sustain their living.

We want to fix this situation by nurturing a healthy open-source ecosystem.

What can we do to return the favor to OSS developers?

IssueHunt enables us to reward OSS developers from small amount as a glass of beer.

Start creating a sustainable open source ecosystem together with IssueHunt.

How do I participate IssueHunt Fest 2018?

Create an account on with Github. Submit a PR to any public GitHub repository listed on IssueHunt. Browse open issues labeled “IssueHuntFest” for inspiration.

Maintaining a repo??

Create issues labeled “IssueHuntFest” on your GitHub projects to help new contributors know what to work on.

Or you can send us fund request from the form below.

Bounty hunter??

Earn stickers by sending more than 3 PRs on IssueHunt. Earn stickers and T-shirt by becoming top 10 contributors with most rewards.

Who is sponsoring the event?


  • Gold: Microsoft
  • Silver: Framgia, LINE Corporation
  • Bronze: Mercari, Cryptoeconomics Lab
  • Goods: JetBrains, Unity Technologies
  • Organize: BoostIO

Interested? Become a sponsor of Open Source Projects!

Want to boost your community?

Want to boost your OSS project development with IssueHunt?

Submit your repositories to and get help from developers around the world right away.

You can easily put a bounty on not only a bug but also on OSS feature requests. Collected funds will be distributed to owner:contributor=20%:80% (You can also customize the proportion).

Feel free to comment on this blog if you have any questions!
Let’s grow open-source projects together with IssueHunt 🤝


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