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IssueHunt Weekly on Jan 7th to 13th 🦉


IssueHunt is an issue-based bounty platform for open source projects.

Featured Projects



🌐 Jekyll is a blog-aware static site generator in Ruby
Amount: $640

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A better npm publish
Amount: $580

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Top 10 funded issues in the last week

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Current Leaderboard

…and the top 5 projectsby amount received.
1, Ant Design ($4800)
2, MaterialUI ($1290)
3, NW.js ($2474)
4, cyclejs ($960)
5, xo ($640)

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Materials about IssueHunt

We have providing several materials of IssueHunt.

  • Button and Sield for GitHub Readme
  • Ribbon for the landing page

Feel free to use these stuffs and collect the sponsors!

IssueHunt Materials

About Sponsorship Program

For Open Source Sustainability: Introducing IssueHunt Sponsorship program

We are looking for the two kind of sponsors for OSS.

  • ①Monthly subscription: It enables corporations to fund open-source listed on IssueHunt every month. IssueHunt Organization will distribute collected funds to promising OSS projects.
  • ②IssueHunt Fest: We organize a month-long OSS sponsorship event in April and December every year. We provide three sponsorship options for a company who willing to support the event.

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Thank you,
The IssueHunt Team


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