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Top 5 Best Android Apps and Games Download Sites in 2021

This is just a tip of Iceburg you can read 20+ sites to download Android apps so don't forget to check them out.

Recently joined Dev and I must say I am impressed by all the community they are really helpful and charming!

I posting because I want to let you guys know about the best trustworthy sites from which you can download Android apps.

① CNET Download:

CNET Download provides software and apps to download for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, music, and videos are also available to download.

Previously, the site’s domain name was, now is the official domain that has been an excellent website since 1996, providing downloadable software and apps for a variety of operating systems.

CNET also publishes articles to help users to use software and apps.

② Softonic:

Softonic company is Spainish based site, which provides applications and Softwares for Android, Windows, Mac, and IOS. With 100+ million monthly users and 4 million downloads, this suggests a great location for many users to download Android apps.

Softonic apps and games are categorized in a very user-friendly interface where they try to provide updates as fast as possible. That’s what makes Softonic one of the best sites to download most of the games and apps.

Softonic also tries to solve the application and software related queries through regular posts on their site.

③ Uptodown:

If you have problems regarding language, then don’t worry just go to Uptodown it supports more than 15 different languages and provides downloadable software and apps for Android, Windows, Mac, etc.

Whenever any new app comes on the Uptodown system they test it and check if there are security issues and after all checkups, they upload the app for users to download.

Uptodown is also available in the Android app and most of the apps on your phone can be easily updated with this app, which is why it is a great alternative for the Play Store.

④ Amazon App Store:

On 9 October 2019 amazon announced there were 487083 apps available to download on our site, you can say it is the most trustable site to download apps after Google Play.

Amazon app store is also available to download in an Android app format where you can easily download freeware and Shareware apps.

One of the different feature of Amazon app Store is ‘free app a day’ which provide a paid app to use for a day.

⑤ Apkmirror:

Apkmirror is run by team members of, which is a trusted blog site that covers Android related posts.

Some of the very useful apps like Vidmate and gfx tool breaks privacy policy of Play store hence they aren’t available on Play Store, Apkmirror host such apps in bulk and provide them to download with the option to download their older versions.

Hope this adds value to you.

Thanks for reading this post till then see you guys.

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