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Discussion on: Calibre Library - Docker NAS Setup

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ItsASine (Kayla)

Does the calibre viewer functionality work with this or is it mainly to centrally organize books?

I'm been looking for a way to use calibre on a NAS but it seems like most solutions on Reddit just have ebooks in a file system, not using all the fun of calibre itself. I ended up just keeping my calibre folder backed up to GDrive 🤷

calibre itself seems super against the idea of a NAS or centralized ebooks at all. I just want my computer books on my phone without losing my spot 😭

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Chris Otto Author

I keep them on my NAS for the library management and storage but then when I want to read them I send them to my Kindle e-mail address for my paperwhite or Kindle app on my phone. It's a really nice workflow because then kindle keeps track of progress and can integrate with reading status on Goodreads. May be worth exploring if you are losing your spot with the Calibre viewer.