Most underrated plugins for VS code

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I see that most of the useful plugins are niche specific and highly underrated.

For me, that are dbankier.vscode-quick-select and bierner.emojisense which I see no one is using and downloads are also pretty low.

Tell me which of your favourite vs code plugin is very useful but underrated.

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On mac you don’t need the emoji suggestion you add emoji with a keyboard shortcut. Ctrl+cmd+space


The emoji suggestion is so much faster though!! I used Opt+cmd+space for a long time, and much prefer :emojiname:


In the latest version of windows 10 you can input emoji by pressing Win + ;

Did you try the command Win + ; While typing in a text box?

When you do that the emoji box comes up 👌

Keep in mind that the exact combination depends on the keyboard layout. It may vary if you don't have an international keyboard.


This may sound ignorant but here we go... How do you code using emojis? I don't understand. What language are you guys coding in?


It's probably for documentation, commit messages, and user-facing strings mostly.

That said, Swift does allow emoji variable names.


I find the richie5um2.vscode-sort-json very useful (maybe I'm suffering OCD !)

Not sure it is underrated but Shan.code-settings-sync is very useful when you work on more than one computer.

To finish, jebbs.plantuml being able to render my diagrams in real time, side by side in VSCode is neat !


Settings Sync is not underrated. It has 1m+ downloads


Super useful extension for seeing the performance impact of CSS manipulations: marketplace.visualstudio.com/items...


For me, those are

  • ryanluker.vscode-coverage-gutters
  • rid9.datetime (can't have enough clocks on your screen)
  • howardzuo.vscode-git-tags
  • pnp.polacode (helpful for creating presentations)

I had created this plugin vscode-create-tests to speed up my work. I expected that It will be useful to others, too. :)

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