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My favorite people to stay updated in web development space

Even though JavaScript fatigue has settled down, now we only have a few major UI libraries, state management libraries, routers, and recommended ways of server-side rendering. Now you can calmly make your app without messing with webpack and babel configs. But the pace of innovation hasn't slowed down. Things like GPT-3 are trying to make NLP better than ever before. As a Programmer, our knowledge is a deprecating resource we need to constantly feed it with new things to stay relevant in the market. Here are few people I followed to keep up in web dev space.


Addy Osmani's tweets are focussed on improving the webpage's performance. He also tweets about new features in browsers and occasionally does PWA case studies.

Jason Miller created Preact.js a 2KB alternative to React.js. Most of his tweets are about optimizing JavaScript bundles and using modern browser features to make your site faster. He occasionally tweets about games.

Dan Abromov is one of the public faces of the React.js team. He tweets about react.js and JavaScript related things. He occasionally tweets about Netflix content. If you haven't already read, I highly recommend you to take a look at his blog

Steve Schoger tweets about design and tailwind CSS. You should also look at his Youtube channel where he tries to make site's design better

Evan you is the creator of the very admired framework Vue.js. Currently, he is also working on a better bundler Vite.

Wes Bos is an independent web developer. He tweets about tricks and tips. He has created many high quality courses some free some paid. He co-hosts the podcast

Sarah Edo tweet about vue.js, SVG, and animations. She is in the core vue.js team and VP of developer experience at Netlify.

Guillermo Rauch is the CEO of vercel (formally Zeit). He tweets about Next.js, React.js, and Server-side rendering.

Reactjs is the official twitter account of React.js. Tweets include new react.js features.

Vuejs is the official twitter account of vuejs. Tweets include new vue.js releases.

Julia Evans tweets about easy explanation to CS-related things.

Adam Watham is the creator of tailwind css. He tweets about tailwind, CSS, Laravel, and other design-related things.

Cory House helps companies transition to react.js. His tweet includes React.js and occasionally he writes book reviews.

Eric Elliot talks about javascript, functional programming, and GPT-3.

Getify is the author of you don't know JS. he talks about weird javascript behaviors.

Kent C. Dodds tweet about new things in javascript and React.js

Rich Harris tweets about the modern web (SPA and frontend tooling), and svelte.js.


fun fun function is great channel to learn functional programming and JavaScript in general. Even though MPJ has left the channel so no new content will be added but it still has lots of good content.

wesbos's youtube channel has over 100 thousand subscribers probably because he uploads videos of his free tutorials there. He also uploads some quick explainer topics on youtube.

Leveluptuts is run by Scott tolinski. He constantly adds new content related to web development including React.js Svelte.js and react spring animations. A lot of his content is paid which is on his site but still lots of good content.


Full stack radio: is hosted by Adam watham. He regularly interviews famous people in web dev space. is hosted by Scott tolinksi and wesbos, it is not an interview podcast. Mostly these 2 people talk about new things happening in webdev and classic questions in this space.

Lydia Hallie visualize common javascript things like CORS, Event loop, Promises

Ananya Neogi write about things that can be achieved using vanilla HTML, CSS.

Emma Bostian writes about UX, basic CS topics, and JavaScript.

Zell Liew write about CSS and JavaScript, express.js things.

Jacob Herrington posts about easy explanations, tips, and tricks, along with some discussion posts.

Vaidehi Joshi is famous for his BaseCS series. she posts about underlying computer concepts like trees, searching, distributed computing, graph.


If you are interested in things related to computers in general, which don't quite fit in web dev space then here are few other resources for you.

Computerphile youtube channel adds new videos regularly about computer science topics. their recent upload includes GPT 3, AI-related things, XSS issues, SQL injection.

Liveoverflow is a channel for pentesting and hacking its upload includes crazy XSS attacks, CTFs, and other common security-related things.

Game makers toolkit or GMTK (for short) is a youtube channel about understanding game mechanics, and game reviews (they are not that common)

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Max Ong Zong Bao

Man there is got to be Traversy Media for YouTube.

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Maria del Carmen Santiago

The Net Ninja has good YouTube material as well. Some in this list I follow, but others are new to me so I'll check them out later. Thank you for sharing!

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Abhijit Hota

Agree. Shawn is a great teacher!

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Diona Rodrigues

Great list! Thank you for sharing! āœŒāœØšŸ±ā€šŸ

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Brianna Godfrey

Thanks. I'll check them out