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My last 2 were Go and Rust, and I think that I will be sticking with them as my main languages for a while, but I think that Pony and Ballerina both look like super interesting niche languages.


Just recently started, but working on learning Elixir next. It's been a bit of a challenge so far though because I'm not used to working in an almost purely FP focused language, and Elixir's syntax is significantly different from most other languages I'm used to in many ways other than just the FP focus.


I looked at elixir and its syntax is very friendly.


Yeah, the syntax isn't bad, it's just rather different from what I'm used to. For example, it's been years since I actively worked with a language that used keywords to delimit code blocks, and I don't think I've ever dealt with one where the parenthesis for a function call are optional.


I am working on a project that involves meta programming in Java that's quickly becoming a monster nobody can tame.

Then, I read about this:

So, my new found passion is for Lisp. I would like to learn it.
But, not sure I will.


I’d like to find some time to explore Angular’s source code🤔


I've spent a lot of time recently trying to up my JavaScript game. Right now I'm deepening my knowledge of React and Svelte

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