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Must use libraries with react -> Framework ;)

Hey folks, a lot of us struggle to work with react, where to start, how to do, because of wide variety of libraries, frameworks are available to use with react.

with new react.js documentation out, it's now time to upgrade our web development workflow, In this article we will going to see some react libraries to make react a complete framework.


  • React Router Dom 📃

It's hard to navigate between different routes using only react library, by using context, state hooks may make it possible but it's get harder and harder when the app complexity grows.

Handling dynamic routes, user navigation, navigation history are some of the key features of this library. It's among top libraries in the npmjs for routing.

  • Formik

Another useful library to handle forms in react is Formik, they have drip'in title saying Build forms in React, without the tears. Sure forms can be handled using useRef hooks but if you're using typescript this hooks can be painful, also more errors like type of HTML Input element you are using in the component.

This library contains hooks like

useField, useFormik

to ease the form building, validation and error handling process. You'll love it just give it a try. Link

  • UI library

Creating custom components, that too with responsive and good design is time taking. You can use UI library components like MUI Link, React-Bootstrap Link, there are some new libraries you must try out like Fluent UI by microsoft Link, Ant Design Link

  • Build Tools

CRA (create react app) is now deprecated, even new official react documentation is not supporting it. You should be using frameworks like Vite Link, metaframeworks like Next.js Link to work with react.

That's it for this article, hope you get something useful. Share your thoughts on this article in socials.

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