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4 Top Websites To Take Web Design Motivation For New Website

In simplest terms web design refers to development of websites that are displayed on the internet. It also cites about the user experience aspect of website development. Further, a graphic artist is responsible for creating, designing the layout and attractive visual appearance of a website.
Web design is important because it influences how the audience assesses the brand.

When the web design is good it would increase the sales of the business and audiences would also want a long term engagement with the company or get them to remain in the brand’s page. If design is not good they would abandon the website and shifting them to the competitor.

According to a popular quote by Trish Parr “If you think math is hard, try web design”. Web design is not straightforward it’s filled with complexity.

Being designer and creating creative designs is very challenging. Whether a person is beginner or experienced a good web design could increase its insights in the current trends of this industry.

Here are 5 of the top websites to take web design motivation and reasons to choose them:-

It is a social networking platform for graphic artists and creative. It serves as a global design portfolio platform, recruitment and where other artists can share their work.

Why choose Dribbble?
Dribbble is go-to resource for connecting with designers around the globe and sharing work online. This online community puts the best design forward to the companies. The companies then hire the candidate according to their requirement for their teams.


It is a social media, professional focussed platform owned by Adobe. Its only mission is to discover and showcase designs.

Why choose Behance?
It is world’s largest active community. One of the pros of Behance it is extremely easy to use. Anyone can join and post their work online. This gives Behance a better place than Dribbble. Further, we can filter settings to specify timeframes, popularity and location.
Ex: We can search for “most appreciated designs last month in Los Angeles”.


3.CSS Design Awards:
It is award platform for designers and other digital creators.

Why choose CSS Design Awards?
It provides awards based on 2 judging parameters. The 1st is WOTD (Website of the Day) and the scores are received from the judging panel. To be eligible, sites should have an average score of 8. The highest recording sites will then be prized on the next day and also winning a certification for WOTD and will be placed as runner-up for WOTM (Website of the Month).

The 2nd award is for UI, UX and innovation awards. Winners are decided by votes by both public voting and judging panel. To be eligible for winning, sites must receive 20 votes and average score of 6 from the judges.

WOTM (Website of the Month) and selected WOTD (Website of the Day) will then be able to be entered in WOTY (Website of the Year) and winners from that contest receive official certification.

CSS Design Awards

It is professional design and development competition platform. It promotes premium web designs developed by developers and graphic artist.

Why choose Awwwards?
It is active community of digital designers from across the continents they can share portfolio, knowledge, connect with other digital folks, experience and feedback.
It is a year round competition where designers can submit their portfolios. Winners are then rewarded at Awwwards conference and prize giving ceremony held across cities in Europe and United States.


Final thoughts:
A good web design must be user-friendly, engaging, and easy to follow. Effective design can improve the layout, text and online forms to enhance conversion rate and increase sales. Further, branding is like holding that multiples with time. Starting from web design to branding to SEO and further to social media outreach web design plays an important role. Invest in it to ensure, your business blooms in digital era.

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