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How to host your website on Azure?

Hosting your website on Azure is very simple. Just a few clicks 👀.

Final result

Final result


  1. Signup for an Azure account for free if you don't have already. (Note: If you are a student you can get free credits)
  2. Basic git knowledge and a GitHub account.
  3. Your website.

Let's get started

  1. After creating Azure account, login into
  2. Click on Create a resource.
  3. Search for Static Web App and select static web app.
  4. Click on Create. Azure Static Web App

Here we need to fill in a few details.

  1. In the project details, choose your subscription.
  2. For Resource Group click on create new and name it anything you like.
  3. Next, give your app a Name.
  4. Hosting plan: Free: For hobby or personal projects
  5. Next, select a region.
  6. After that, in deployment details select GitHub as source and sign in with your GitHub account.
    • For Organization, choose your GitHub account from the dropdown.
    • Next, select Repository and Branch.
  7. Now Build details
    • For Build Presets, if your website is built with a framework or a static site generator then choose accordingly otherwise choose Custom.
    • For App location, choose where your app files are there or if it is a simple website with only HTML and CSS files leave it as /.
  8. Click on Review + Create.

  9. Verify all the provided details and click Create.

  10. Wait for a few seconds, after deployment is complete click on Go to resource.

  11. Copy the URL, paste in a new tab and see.

Congrats 🎉🎉🎉! Your website is now live on internet.
Congrats gif
If you have any doubts ask in the comments below 👇.

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Hope this helps you!
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