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Rakesh Potnuru
Rakesh Potnuru

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Two new react frameworks

React is one of the biggest JavaScript Libraries. Many react frameworks like NextJs, GatsbyJs, etc., were popped in, since. So, in this blog, I will give an introduction to two new react frameworks launched recently.

Let's get started

1. Refine

Refine - A react-based framework launched in september, 2021.

As mentioned in their docs refine gives so many out-of-the-box functionalities for routing, networking, authentication, state management, internationalization, and UI(Ant design).

refine website

With Refine:

  • You have full control over UI.
  • It supports so many REST and GraphQL databases like NestJs CRUD, Airtable, Strapi, Strapi GraphQL, Supabase, Hasura, and Altogic.
  • It makes your codebase significantly smaller, by eliminating redundant code such as reducers, actions, and unit tests.
  • It uses hooks as a default way of interacting with components.

It can mainly be used for applications that need to process large volumes of data like admin panels, dashboards, etc.

2. Hydrogen

The second framework is Hydrogen by Shopify launched a few weeks ago.

hydrogen website

Hydrogen is another React-based framework to build e-commerce sites. It is like NextJs because it provides server-side rendering. But there are limitations with this framework - currently, you can only build Shopify web storefronts.
The cool thing is you can directly host your e-commerce site on Shopify with Oxygen which Shopify will launch soon.

What do you think about these frameworks? Comment below ๐Ÿ‘‡

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Top comments (10)

gcdcoder profile image
Gustavo Castillo

Remix is another one, not new, but it was put as an open source.

omeraplak profile image
Omer Aplak • Edited

Thank you for mention to Refine <3

rancy98 profile image

Refine seems that the functions are quite complete. I'll try it

yathink3 profile image

Pls also check remix

itsrakesh profile image
Rakesh Potnuru

Hi! Remix is not recent, it was made open source recently.

divine_takawira profile image
Divine Takawira

Nice article but React is a library not a framework.

itsrakesh profile image
Rakesh Potnuru

Thanks for mentioning! Updated๐Ÿ™‚

vladi160 profile image

"A new JS frame/library" is not news from years, but if you don't find any new for the current day, please make an article to explain that abnormality

itsrakesh profile image
Rakesh Potnuru • Edited

This is not news, this is one way we can support OSS.

mahmoudashraf profile image
Mahmoud Ashraf Algammal

This is a nice mentions ,thanks for posting it