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What made me choose to be a Software engineer .

After some bad choices I made in my short life, I think I finally made a good one :).
I always had a pretty quick idea of how to use computers but never did anything with it.
I guess I needed to try some other things first in the past 20 something years, like being a bartender, a cook, a court house type writer and many more...

It was always fascinating to see how developers communicated with their computers and how they solved problems with it, so I said to myself many times that I want and I can do it.

In the beginning of 2020 a world pandemic bursted into our lives without knocking and it just sat in our living room without asking (so to speak). So, as this pandemic forced me to sit in my living room with her for quite a while, I started to think about "Web Development" more and more. Finally, after a friend from El Salvador, long time web developer, called me I decided it was time.
After my friend made me try it (and when I say "made me" it only took him about 5 seconds) I went on "Codecademy". I took the Web developer path and guess what, I fell in love with it right away.

The "Web developer" path started beautifully!
HTML, CSS I got this!
And then I met the almighty JavaScript and I was terrified!
All those commands and syntax got me really scared and I almost gave up but I also had this big urge to crack it and understand it.

I started to google some courses about JavaScript and then I saw all those schools who do "Coding bootcamps" and I started to get interested. All of a sudden I realized that as much as web development it's fun, I wanna solve those big problems even more!
So I signed up to "Flatiron school" to become a Software engineer and so far I'm very happy with my choice.
And here I am, writing my first blog post about it and it's just the beginning!

So good luck to me! πŸ’ͺ🏼😊

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Roman Turner

Awesome Etamar! Keep it up!