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Ivan Febriansyah Hadi Nugraha
Ivan Febriansyah Hadi Nugraha

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Hello, my name is "IVAN"

I have been coding for 5 years. starts my journey as a creative designer back at 2009 and now I do coding for a living. I mostly program in PHP, HTML and LESS-css, jQuery for styling. I do coding with some javascript frameworks also, but since my current office project mostly Magento platform, it just PHP, jQuery, and LESS-css.

I'm open myself to learning more about various javascript frameworks, especially react.js

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. But my hometown is Bandung also in Indonesia ;). You guys should come to Bandung when you visit Indonesia sometimes.

You can find me on GitHub as tuminitumina

Nice to meet you.

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Niko 👩🏾‍💻

Hey Ivan, welcome to the community 👋🏾!!

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Ivan Febriansyah Hadi Nugraha Author

Hey Niko, thank you nice to meet you :D