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Object Validator for PHP 8

Have you ever tried to validate an object in PHP. Maybe you use Models, ViewModels or RequestModels.Maybe you hate writing if-else, loops and swiches to check your values.Maybe you do not like to use different validators for every framework.

At least I do.

So I present you my general solution using the strengths of PHP 8.Clean, concise and easy.

  • Lots of validations

  • Supprots also nested object validation

  • Repeatable validation attributes

  • Works with private properties and methods

  • Works with constructor promotion

  • Memory and time profiling

  • Custom error messages

  • Custom property and method names for the exceptions



use RMValidator\Attributes\PropertyAttributes\Collection\UniqueAttribute;
use RMValidator\Attributes\PropertyAttributes\File\FileExtensionAttribute;
use RMValidator\Attributes\PropertyAttributes\File\FileSizeAttribute;
use RMValidator\Attributes\PropertyAttributes\Numbers\RangeAttribute;
use RMValidator\Attributes\PropertyAttributes\Object\NestedAttribute;
use RMValidator\Attributes\PropertyAttributes\Strings\StringContainsAttribute;
use RMValidator\Enums\ValidationOrderEnum;
use RMValidator\Options\OptionsModel;
use RMValidator\Validators\MasterValidator;

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

class Test 
    public function __construct(
        #[RangeAttribute(from:10, to:50)]
        #[RangeAttribute(from:10, to:30)]
        public int $param)


    #[RangeAttribute(from:10, to:30)]
    const propTest = 40;

    public function custom() {
        return ['asd', 'asdk'];

    #[FileSizeAttribute(fileSizeBiggest: 20, fileSizeLowest: 10)]
    private function getFile() {
        return __FILE__;

    #[FileSizeAttribute(fileSizeBiggest: 20, fileSizeLowest: 10)]
    public string $file = __FILE__;

    public string $string = "23asd";

    #[RangeAttribute(from:10, to:30)]
    public int $prop = 40;

class UpperTest
    private Test $test;

    public function __construct(Test $test) {
        $this->test = $test;

$test = new Test(40);

try {
    MasterValidator::validate(new UpperTest($test), 
    new OptionsModel(orderOfValidation: [ValidationOrderEnum::PROPERTIES, 
                     excludedMethods: ['getFile'], 
                     excludedProperties: ['file']));
} catch(Exception $e) {

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Enjoy. Any feedback, recommendations and support are welcome :)

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