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Full Stack Open Part 1

And here is the first part of my Full Stack Open Course blog. This part wasn't particularly difficult, but I decided to still write about it, just to be consistent. I have been pretty busy with work this week, so I can safely say that this took me about a week, which I assume is how the course should be paced.

The first two "parts"(1a and 1b) are fairly straightforward. You get introduced to React first, then JavaScript. Everything was really understandable and there are great reading recommendations about JS and React. The exercises of these parts is just setting up react, creating a simple app, and understanding components.

Now the other 2 parts(1c and 1d) go a bit deeper into React. You learn about state management, complex state and debugging. A lot of good developer practices are introduced here. In 1d you actually make two apps, fairly simple looking, but with some functionality. I really enjoyed making them.

One of the apps in the 1d part is to create a simple feedback app. The last step is to render the components as a table. I spent more time on this than I am willing to admit.

Overall, a great intro to React. Can't wait to start the next part.

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Have you managed to complete it? How was it?