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Starting Full Stack Open Course

Hello everyone. I have made the decision to start blogging more frequently as a way to see my progress over time and reflect back. This is my first post in a blog about the Full Stack Open Course by the University of Helsinki.

I have been putting off taking this course for a long time. Their other course for Java, which can be found here, was awesome. I personally learned more from that course than anything else.

So, back to Full Stack Open. The course was just updated, which is the perfect time to start. I always thought that I should wait and learn a lot before attempting this course, but I decided to just start. I'm working part-time currently, which is great because I will more time for the course. I already did part 0, almost done with part 1 too. I will try writing a post either every week or after every part I finish, but I will decide that later, depending on my progress.

That is all for now, I am extremely excited, there is also a Telegram group which I've already joined. If you are in the same shoes as me, and you're thinking about taking this course, just do it. Now is the perfect time.

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