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React SaaS Boilerplate Template for JavaScript developers

As you might know, building a SaaS is extremely difficult. Like many developers, I've underestimated the complexity of building a SaaS product and overestimated my programming skill.

In this article, I want to share the technology stack I used to build my React Boilerplate and I reuse it for all my SaaS applications. It helps me to reduce my setup and programming time by 80%.

Next JS SaaS Boilerplate Starter

React for frontend

Fully built in React with TypeScript and styled with Tailwind CSS, it makes the code more modular and makes the UI components reusable.

I use NextJS framework to build my React application in static mode (SSG). At build time, all the application is pre-rendered. Perfect for SEO and cheap hosting.

NextJS also provides more features. Checkout their website for more information

I also recommend using two dependencies for the frontend: react-hook-form for form management in React and AWS amplify, it connects the React frontend to the backend (hosted in the AWS cloud).

Serverless Backend

As an indie maker, it's extremely time-consuming to manage and provision a backend. I choose serverless to host my backend by making my life easier when my SaaS goes public. I don't need to worry about scaling and server management.

I use Serverless framework to build the serverless backend. Compatible with major cloud providers, I choose to deploy on AWS in one command. With Serverless framework, I can also test locally on my computer before pushing to production.

AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Serverless framework is extremely easy to use but sometimes, it quite limiting. To go further in cloud infrastructure, I use AWS CDK. By using AWS CDK, I can define my cloud resources in code. It makes the infrastructure easy to customize, share and reuse.

Good news! You can use your most loved programming language. In my case, I use TypeScript and write my infrastructure stack entirely in TypeScript. 100% compatible with your IDE and your version control like Git.

Nextless.js, Next JS SaaS starter

It took me several months (5 months) to build my first SaaS products. I definitively think this time can be reduced by 80%. Building a React SaaS application should only take one month for its first version.

As an indie maker, you shouldn't lose time with boring configuration and setup. With Nextless.js React SaaS Boilerplate, you can focus on what makes your SaaS unique. You can now launch faster your application and quickly get user feedback.

Find more information on the tech stack at Nextless.js SaaS Boilerplate

Next JS SaaS Boilerplate Starter

Stay tuned! I'll publish more tutorials and articles about building SaaS products.

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