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Jack Brown
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So, who am I?

About Me

Hi, I'm Jack! I'm 21 years old and am a degree apprentice at Vodafone UK. I joined Vodafone straight after my A-Levels and for the past 2 years, I've been working in the Release Management team with particular focus on the early readiness stages of a release. Alongside this, I've also been a system admin and SME for our issue management tool: Jira.

Although I enjoyed the role, and learnt a hell of a lot from it, about 2 months ago I came to the realisation that I wanted to do something else. That's when I started learning front-end web development! I'd coded beforehand at school, but this was only very basic Pascal and C#, so I was essentially starting from the very beginning.

Current Progress

In terms of my current progression, I have completed the HTML, CSS and JavaSript courses on freeCodeCamp and have recently bought a subscription to frontendmasters. I'd say that I am confident with the fundamentals of JavaScript, and am becoming confident in the newer JavaScript features like ES6.

I've built a couple of websites of my own accord, which I've used to implement and showcase everything that I've learnt - see them on my GitHub! I'm also about 45 days deep into the #100DaysOfCode challenge, where I've been posting my progress on Instagram nearly everyday.

Future Goals

Being an apprentice at Vodafone, I'm in quite a good position regarding future career prospects and have luckily been able to find a role as a Junior Front-End Developer, which I'll be starting in July. The reason I say I'm lucky is because I would not have been able to get the role based on my current development skills. The team know that I have very limited development knowledge compared to other junior developers, but I want to try increase my skills and knowledge as much as possible before July, so that I can be a valuable member of the team. I know that the team use React, so that's what I'll focus on once I am fully confident with Vanilla JavaScript.

I'm planning on using DEV basically as a mind dump for everything that I'm learning, I'll write articles on different topics and post updates about my progress. I've found that trying to explain something I've learnt to others really helps solidify the learning in my head!

Follow me for updates on my progress and (hopefully) helpful articles!

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Lasse Schultebraucks • Edited

Hi Jack, can I hit you up if my internet doesn't work? (jk)

Welcome :)

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Good luck with the journey to getting ready for that front end role! Great first post